WCB has lied to us, they don’t cover any injuries from my experience. After 13 years in the plumbing and gas fitting trade and 10/10 wcb claims denied for me. I have decided to quit the trades, to pursue career in art. Every time WCB denies your injury claim, you will be forced to go back to work injured. And continue doing the same work that caused your injury. I have tried to continue working through the extreme back pain, but now I can barely stand or walk. So it is plain to see that wcb’s only purpose is to prevent injured employees from being able to sue the companies that caused their injury. This is the contrary to what WCB is supposed to do. And in Alberta, WCB adjudicators receive bonuses to their pay according to how many claims they deny. I had one instance where I was denied for an injury resulting from carrying 100 lb pipes for 3-5 kilometres a day. And WCB said I must have slept funny and denied me lol!
So, being that we are injuring ourselves so a company can get rich.. while we receive no help to recover. And are being condemned to spend the rest of our lives in agony. What is the point in working any physical job in Alberta?
There is no point... heed my words apprentices and young people thinking of joining the trades- RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN!! Your own health is more important than your worthless companies profits. Don’t ever think that the trades are long term careers, because they are nothing more than a source of short term income in exchange for a lifetime of pain and suffering.

Canada’s shortage of skilled trades people is well deserved. The trades promote an atmosphere of disrespect. Lack of unions mean that you have no rights as an employee and your company is free do as they please and treat you like a worthless piece of garbage. Which as a new apprentice you can expect to be belittled, called names and treated with complete disrespect. I have worked at numerous companies and have found this to be the reality at all of them. Also expect to lose your job multiple times during your apprenticeship, as when the work slows down you will be the first to go. So be prepared to constantly be on EI looking for a job.

I have lost all faith in WCB, Alberta health care, and the trades. As well as the government of Alberta for allowing these problems to continue for so many years.

Joining the trades was the biggest mistake of my life, don’t make the same mistake that I did. The trades should be viewed as last resort. Not a first choice. The trades are not a career.

After 35 years in Alberta, born and raised. I have now moved to bc.
Thanks WCB.
Have fun Alberta ;)

Please check out the links below to see the truth for yourself.